Food & Beverage

Named after the town of Urla, the gastronomical heart of the West Coast of Turkey, URLA’s culinary roots celebrate flavour and vibrant storytelling, encompassing the best of Aegean cuisine, drawing influence from surrounding landscapes a well as Greece and Spain. The town of Urla is all about fresh ingredients, artisanal food and high- spirited people. URLA elevates traditional into contemporary, combining the best parts of the Aegean into each dish, and throughout the menu, to present guests with a unique culinary experience. Indulge in gourmet crustacea and a wide variety of fish, to be cooked to preference, whether it is charcoal grilled or live show cooking. URLA’s menu presents cosmopolitan dining with an artisanal twist.
Home to one of the most extensive wine cellars in the city, with exquisite vintages and rare finds, guests have an inimitable collection to explore. Sip on artisanal craft cocktails and soak up the surroundings of stylish Downtown Dubai at URLA.